Tinext SA

Tinext SA
Strada Regina 42
CH-6934 Bioggio
+41 91 612 22 66
+41 612 22 67 (Fax)

GeoIP : Switzerland
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Description de Tinext SA:

Tinext Group Tinext Group is active in the field of information technology services, also distributed through the Web, capable of supporting the work of our clients’, who require innovative technological solutions. Tinext Group offers the public sector and private enterprises solutions in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), considering their specific needs. The single business units of Tinext Group play an important role in the respective markets of reference. Tinext Group’s professionals have acquired proven experience over the years in the fields of consulting and project management in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Web Design, Information Architecture, Information security, Housing and Hosting. Through these core competences, Tinext Group offers information technology solutions which cover all sides of the market.