SWISSIPCOM terminiert 12'000 Faxe mit T38/VoIP

09.05.2006 Informationsquelle

Pressemeldung Voice Ip communications GmbH:

"Voice Ip communications GmbH was able to able to terminate more than 12,000 faxes which was sent by their clients over their softswitch with the use of T38 faxing protocol.

Zurich (May 10, 2006) --- Zurich based Voice over Broadband provider Voice Ip communications GmbH, announces that more than 12,000 faxes were terminated over their softswitch with the use of T38 faxing.

Our clients never believed that it might work, but it worked and it worked very well. Of course with the help of our client’s regular reports and our support team, we were able to reduce the errors in faxing over T38 to the minimum matching big infrastructures which cost thousands of Swiss Francs.

The best of all is that the minimal infrastructure investment is negligible compared to the savings. Our clients used normal PSTN to send their faxes which cost an average of CHF0.06 per fax, but now they are able to reduce it to CHF0.03 per fax, meaning cutting their fax cost to half.

Our clients used Linksys SPA-2100 as a gateway to send their faxes, but of course with the hard work of our support team and the patience of our clients we were able to achieve good results.

About Voice Ip communications GmbH

Voice Ip communications GmbH is a leading IP Telephony service provider offering services for residential and small business customers. For more information on Voiceipcom, please visit their site at"

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