lanciert KMU Hardware für VoIP

30.10.2005 Informationsquelle

Auszug Pressemeldung:

"Voice IP communications GmbH launches its business solutions targeting small to medium size enterprises (SME) starting from 10 to 500 users. It is a unique solution in one box for unlimited users and over 70% of savings on telephone calls.

Swissipcom solutions consist of three different products:
SwissIPconnect: a way of connecting your existing traditional PBX to VOIP with multiple channels either using BRI or PRI.

SwissIPBX: a complete replacement of your traditional PBX in one BOX, it is an IPBX with unlimited users and PSTN fallback with all the features of a traditional PBX and much much much more with a very short investment payback time.

SwissIPcenter: a complete solution in one BOX for starting your own call center with a minimal investment with all the features of a call canter including remote agents. SwissIPcenter will be launched officially before the end of this year."

30.10.2005, Providerliste Admin