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inOne home M
Fibre 100/100, CHF80.00/month
of Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
TcLINK 100'000 / 20'000 kbits
Fibre 100/20, CHF85.00/month
of TcNet GmbH
FTTH 500/100
DSL 500/100, CHF89.00/month
of BAR Informatik AG
Connect 200
Cable 200/20, CHF89.00/month
of upc-cablecom GmbH
NxT Power
Fibre 1,000/1,000, CHF89.00/month
of swissnet telecommunication AG
Quickline Internet XL Providerliste Gepr�ft
Fibre 500/500, CHF90.00/month
of Quickline AG
inOne home L
Fibre 1,000/1,000, CHF90.00/month
of Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
flashcable fiber 250
Cable 200/10, CHF95.00/month
of GIB-Solutions AG
TcLINK 500'000 / 100'000 kbits
Fibre 500/100, CHF95.00/month
of TcNet GmbH
FTTH 1000/200
DSL 1,000/200, CHF99.00/month
of BAR Informatik AG
DSL KMU 100/20 Mbit/s Providerliste Gepr�ft
DSL 100/20, CHF104.00/month
of iWay AG
Sunrise internet max giga Providerliste Gepr�ft
Fibre 1,000/1,000, CHF105.00/month
of Sunrise Communications AG
Connect 500
Cable 500/50, CHF109.00/month
of upc-cablecom GmbH
Results 51 - 100 of 130
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