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SFr. 40.00/mois
SFr. 480.00/ans

Coûts initial
SFr. 900.00
Engagement minimal
12 mois


Fixnet Unifié
SFr. 2.34/heures
Fixnet Unifié
SFr. 3.00/heures

More than 43 countries: France, Italy, Germany, UK, USA, China, Spain, Portugal... Reminder: 100 minutes MONTHLY INCLUDED toward these fixlines destinations

Mobile Unifié
SFr. 22.20/heures

Orange mobile

Mobile Unifié
SFr. 26.40/heures

Tele2 mobile

Mobile Unifié
SFr. 19.80/heures

Swisscom mobile

Mobile Unifié
SFr. 22.80/heures

Sunrise mobile

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Tarifs d'appel à l'étranger




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Description de VTX Telecom:

- Gives VoIP to your PBX 4 channels - Phone economically (up to 50% of economy) with your actual phone infrastructure - Use your actual numbers or get a new range of numbers - Professionnal numbers available - All Switzerland area codes available - online detailled communications log - communications free of charge between VTX VoIP users from and to any country

Modifié le 31 mai 2020

VTX Telecom

VTX Telecom
Av. de Lavaux 101
CH-1009 Pully
0800 200 200
021 72 111 12 (Fax)

GeoIP : Switzerland
Requête Traceroute/whois

Sur Enregistré depuis 1999

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