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Sunrise Communications AG
Binzmühlestrasse 130
CH-8050 Zürich
0800 707 707

GeoIP: Switzerland Listed since 1997

Cellular tariff Providerliste Gepr�ft

Sunrise Freedom classic

of Sunrise Communications AG

CHF50.00/month, Voice & Data, Domestic

Self description of Sunrise Communications AG:
Das Abo für Gespräche in der Schweiz. Whatsapp Messaging unlimitiert.

Costs (including VAT)


Charge for SIM-Card: CHF40.00
Minimal turnover/month: without
Charge per SMS: 0.0 Cts.
Charge per MMS (50KB): 0.0 Cts.
minutes for talking included: any number
traffic included: 1024 MB
Charge per MB of exc.traffic: CHF0.00
Fee upon connection: without
Minimal duration: 1 months

Inklusive High Speed Internet 4G bis 1 GB. Anschliessend Reduktion Datengeschwindigkeit. Zusätzlich 1GB/Tag High Speed Internet mit Sunrise speed extra für nur CHF 1.–/Tag


Fixnet Unified:
for free
Mobile Offnet Unified:
for free
Mobile Onnet Unified:
for free

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