iWay AG
Badenerstrasse 569
CH-8048 Zürich
+41 43 500 11 11
+41 44 271 35 35 (Fax)

GeoIP: Switzerland

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Fiber Glasfaser - KMU Internet 300/300 Frauenfeld

of iWay AG

CHF103.00/month, 300/300 MBit Fibre

Self description of iWay AG:
In Frauenfeld beziehen Sie den Glasfaser Anschluss für Ihr Unternehmen über die Infrastruktur der Leucom Stafag AG, den dazugehörigen Internetanschlu... (more)

Costs (including VAT)


Setup fee: CHF50.00
Minimal duration: 12 months

Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 4040 – kostenlos leihweise


300/300 MBit Fibre
Traffic limit: without
Webspace included: No


available Bandwidth guaranteed
available Uninterrupted connection
not available Static IP Address
not available Mail account included
not available Dial Backup
not available MX Backup
not available Dialup access
not available Ipass Dialup

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